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Matrix Switch Corporation manufactures professional products for video and audio routing and distribution. Applications include critical broadcast, post-production, multimedia, presentation, medical, sports, video assist, mobile trucks, command & control, defense, government, security and private enterprise applications.

Matrix Switch Corporation products are made in the USA.

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Company News

Multistage Analog Video Routers

Matrix Switch Corporation is now offering large (up to 2048 x 1024) multistage analog video routers for use with traffic camera monitoring centers, security monitoring systems, casinos and other applications with a high number of analog inputs and outputs. Find out more about our Multistage Analog Video Router on the solutions page.

Rugged Airplane Systems

For many years Matrix Switch has been building aviation hardened versions of its SDI and Analog Video switchers for a few select customers. This has become so popular, we now offer these systems as regular products to all defense and aviation contractors. These products fall into two groups:

Extra rugged 24VDC (18-75VDC) powered switchers with MIL spec power connectors, sold as complete systems and individual sub-components sold to aviation sub-contractors for integration into their own lightweight ruggedized chassis.

Visit our Aviation Routers section to see what routers we currently offer Aviation Hardened versions of and Contact Us if you are interested in an Aviation Hardened version of any of our other products.

12G SDI Is Here!

Matrix Switch Corporation is pleased to announce our first 12G-SDI UHD Routing Switchers in 8x8, 8x4, and 4x4 matrix sizes.

These 12G-SDI routers offer support for 4K and UHD SDI formats and are backwards compatible with 6G, 3G, 1.5G and SD rates. So whether your project requires 6G or 12G rates or you want to future proof your SDI infrastructure, we've got you covered!

New Higher Performance Control System

Early 2016 Matrix Switch Corporation began offering new and improved product models. In response to decreasing component costs and more powerful microcontrollers, we have created new products with increased control system performance and more compact designs, while maintaining, or in several cases decreasing, our already highly competitive list prices.

New control systems are based on a 32 bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor offering a Real Time Operating System (RTOS) and more resources for new firmware features. Models with this new improved control system begin with the model prefix "MSC-X" or "MSC-UX" and are referred to as Pyxis series systems. Click here to browse these new products.

While the new control system offers higher performance and more resources for additional features, our older models continue to stand the test of time, as being high quality reliable video and audio routers which are more than adequate for the majority of use cases.

3rd Party Protocol Support

All of our routing switchers now support the Sierra Video Systems serial control protocol. Contact Matrix Switch Corporation if your application requires support of another protocol or for system integration assistance with our products.