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New 12G SDI CWDM. Up To Sixteen 12G SDI On One Fiber!

Shipping now from Matrix Switch Corporation! New 12G end-to-end fiber solutions. Combine up to sixteen 12G SDI, using CWDM fiber technology, on a single fiber. 

Ultra Compact 8K UHDTV with four 12G BNC inputs to a single CWDM fiber up to 40KM and back to BNC's.

MSC's BNC to fiber interface components are built in heavy gauge steel desktop enclosure. Or they can be combined into MSC's new 1RU 12G Fiber Flex Frame which can include two complete 12G 16 wavelength systems, plus Gigabit Ethernet. Or up to eight 48G links. Custom versions of Fiber Flex Frame are available as special order.

MSC's XDM Modular switchers are now available with plug-in input and output CWDM single fiber interfaces, eliminating the need for external fiber interfaces.

Very Large Analog Video Routers

Matrix Switch Corporation's large analog video routers, 64x64 up to 2048x1024, are ideal as an addition, retrofit or size increase in an existing operation. Applications include all situations where a very large, high reliability, reduced physical size, low power consumption and lower overall cost than all existing designs. For more details see our Large Analog Video Routers information page. The City of Los Angeles uses our 1024x128 to monitor over 800 traffic cameras. For more information about this installation see Matrix Switch Corporation Provides Large Video Routing Switcher to Los Angeles D.O.T.

Compact 12G SDI Routers

Matrix Switch Corporation is pleased to announce our first 12G-SDI UHD Routing Switchers in 2x2, 4x1, 4x2, 4x4, 6x2 tabletop configurations, and 8x8, matrix sizes available as rackmount units. These 12G-SDI routers offer support for 4K and UHD SDI formats and are backwards compatible with 6G, 3G, 1.5G and SD rates. So whether your project requires SDI - 2K, 3GBPS or 4K,12G rates we've got you covered.

Rugged Aviation Systems

These systems are derived from Matrix Switch Corporation's standard products to become COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf), by modifying and testing these products for the rigors of operation in a military environment. Modifications include conversion to 24VDC (18-75VDC) input via military twist lock input connector, modifications for vibration / G-forces by using secured mechanical fasteners throughout, burn in and retesting each unit with a performance certification (CERT). Visit our Aviation Routers section to see which products have aviation hardened versions and contact us if you are interested in an aviation hardened version of any of our other products.