Model MSC-5-4832

List Price: $23,995 USD

48 Input 32 Output VGA Video Router


Manufacturing of this product is not currently active. Please Contact Us if you require additional information.

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Matrix Switch Corporation VGA RGBHV video routing switchers have wide signal bandwidth combined with ultra-low crosstalk technology, producing artifact-free images at any image resolution including QXGA.

For applications that require either a very large number of inputs or very large number of outputs, Matrix Switch Corporation VGA routers can be cascaded with no degradation of overall performance. MSC-5-3208 routers can be cascaded to build systems with 128 VGA inputs and 8 VGA outputs in just 10RU (17.5" of vertical rack space). MSC-5-6416 routers can be cascaded up to 256 VGA inputs by 16 VGA outputs. And MSC-5-1664 can be cascaded up to 16 VGA inputs by 256 VGA outputs.

A D25 connector provides the capability to hook up a second matrix level directly to this router with a 25 pin straight through cable, for adding AES digital or analog stereo audio format support.

Matrix Switch Corporation routers provide several options for control and system integration. The built-in webpage interface offers a convenient method for control and configuration using a PC or mobile device (Interactive Demo). In addition to the powerful yet easy to use MASCOT protocol, there is support for some common 3rd party protocols. Additional control interfaces on this router include: RS-232, and TCP/IP over the Ethernet interface. Matrix Switch Corporation Remote Panels can also be used with this router for remote control up to a virtually unlimited distance over TCP/IP.

  • Additional audio level can be connected to DB25 connector with break away support
  • Inputs can be switched to multiple outputs without restriction
  • Vertical interval switching using vertical sync input (Tri-level sync or NTSC/PAL black burst)
  • Store and recall up to 10 preset salvos
  • Supports Matrix Switch Corporation Remote Panels
  • Ethernet port for control via built in web page interface or TCP/IP ports
  • Interactive web page interface (Interactive Demo)
  • Serial control via RS-232 port
  • Support for some common 3rd party protocols for added integration flexibility
  • System software updates over Ethernet port
  • Backed by a full 2 year manufacturer parts and labor warranty
Enclosure Type4RU
Size19" x 7" x 14"
Weight30.0 lbs
USA List Price$23,995
Power ConnectorIEC 320 C14
Ethernet10 Base-T
Made inUSA
Operating Temp.0 - 70C
Storage Temp.-10 - 90C
MTBF50,000+ Hours
MTTR< 48 Hours
VGA Analog Video
Connector TypeHD-15 Female
VGA RGB Channels
Input/Output Impedance75 Ohms
Nominal Input/Output Level1V P-P
Min/Max Input/Output Level-2V to +3V
Overall Gain Unity+/-1% into a 75 ohm termination
Frequency Response+/- 0.1dB to 5MHz, +0 -3dB to 60MHz, -6dB to 200MHz
Crosstalk> 60dB at 5MHz all hostile, > 40dB at 40MHz all hostile
S/N Ratio> 75dB 0 to 5MHz, > 40dB 0 to 100MHz
VGA HV Channels
Input Impedance200 Ohms
Output Impedance75 Ohms
Input Level2V - 4V P-P
Output Level2V - 4V into 75 Ohms
Bandwidth+0 -3dB to 60MHz
Reference Sync
Connector TypeAnalog BNC with pass-through
FormatTri-Level Sync and NTSC/PAL Black Burst
File type icon File Name MSC-5-4832-Manual.pdf
File Type Product Manual
Version 1.8
Date April 26, 2020
Size 1.2 MB