List Price: $2,000 USD

1RU Fiber Flex Frame, With PS's, Without Modules

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Matrix Switch Corporation 1RU 'Fiber Flex Frame'. Not sold as an individual product. Used to accept a family of 12G BNC to fiber and fiber to BNC converstions. Must be configured as a compete system. This includes the fiber conversion modules, CWDM otics and media converters.

Flex Frame capacity is up to 32 12G SDI Inputs or outputs. Up to 8 Fiber ports with ST conectors. Plus one or two Gigibit Ethertnet links. One fiber can be used for just one fiber conversion. Or up to 18 signals on the same fiber. with a mix of which signals are in which direction.

  • Re-clocks standard UHD, HD and SDI rates 12GBPS (11.88GBPS), 3G (2.97 Gbit/s), HD (1.485 Gbit/s), and SD (270 Mbit/s)
  • Auto bypass of non-standard rates from 20 Mbit/s to 12 Gbit/s
  • Passes SDI embedded audio and ancillary data
  • Rugged 1RU All Steel Enclosure
  • Includes redundant 48VDC 96VA external DC power supplies
  • Complies with all relevant FCC, U/L, CE, and RoHS requirements
  • Backed by a full 2 year manufacturer parts and labor warranty
Enclosure Type1RU
Size19" x 1.75" x 15"
Weight12.0 lbs
USA List Price$2,000
Power48VDC 2A
Power ConnectorD9
Power Usage80.0
Panel TypeStatus
Made inUSA
Operating Temp.0 - 70C
Storage Temp.-10 - 90C
MTBF50,000+ Hours
MTTR< 48 Hours