List Price: $1,000 USD

Desktop Flex Frame. With PS's. Without Modules

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Matrix Switch Corporation 'Fiber Flex Desktop'. Used to accept a family of 12G BNC to fiber and fiber to BNC converstions. Must be configured as a compete system. This includes the fiber conversion modules, CWDM optics and media converters.

'Fiber Flex Desktop' accepts 2, 3 or 4 quad 12G conversion modules. These can be BNC to fiber or fiber to BNC type modules. Plus an optional Gigibit Ethernet connection via 'Fiber Flex Desktop's, single CWDM ST fiber connector.

Or a 'Fiber Flex Desktop' over one fiber can connect to an ST fiber port on a Matrix Switch Coporation MSC-FLEX-1RU

*Not sold as an individual product.

Size5" x 5" x 10"
Weight8.0 lbs
USA List Price$1,000
Power12VDC 5A
Power ConnectorD9
Power Usage30.0
Panel TypeStatus
Made inUSA
Operating Temp.0 - 70C
Storage Temp.-10 - 90C
MTBF50,000+ Hours
MTTR< 48 Hours