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HDMI SFP Input Module


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The MSC-SFPRX-HDMI SFP module can be used with the MSC-CARDRX-SFP8 input card and Matrix Switch Corporation's XDM family of Modular SDI Routers to add a single HDMI or DVI input. This is convenient for connecting to HDMI or DVI sources without the need for external converters.

This MSA compliant SFP module is designed to convert to SDI from HDMI 1.4 or DVI 1.0 without scaling artifacts. Up to 8 channels of HDMI audio are re-embedded in the SDI stream. A frame buffer is used to suppress accumulated low and high frequency jitter (timing and alignment). Utilizes a patented Type D connector to prevent accidental disconnects and to provide reliability even under cable stress.

Cable not included.

  • Passes SDI embedded audio and ancillary data
  • Complies with all relevant FCC, U/L, CE, and RoHS requirements
  • Backed by a full 2 year manufacturer parts and labor warranty
Size0.56" x 0.52" x 2.35"
Weight0.1 lbs
USA List Price$300
Made inUSA
Operating Temp.0 - 70C
Storage Temp.-10 - 90C
HDMI Versionv1.4
DVI Versionv1.0
Video FormatUp to 1080p
Color SpaceRGB or YCbCr
Data Rates3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI
Audio Channels8