SDI Fiber Optic Solutions

These products are complete ‘end-to-end’ solutions for transporting SDI (up to 4K / 12G) over very long distances by using conversion to fiber and back from fiber to ‘in plant’ coaxial copper paths. To assure you receive an operational solution, the products listed here are pre-configured as complete systems and tested to assure 100% functionally.

The fiber optic solutions listed here are some of our most common combinations of send and receive conversions. There are many other possibilities. If you have a unique requirement that seems to not be met by one of these systems, please Contact Us, to give us the opportunity to define and quote a system that fits your needs.

Systems are available with 1, 4, 8 or 16 channels over multiple single mode fiber cables or a single CWDM fiber cable. The 4, 8 or 16 channel systems are offered with and without built in routing switcher functionality to provide path remapping and complete control as a routing switcher. Control options include our own text based MASCOT protocol over RS232, RS485, Ethernet, as well as a growing list of 3rd party protocols, and a builtin user friendly web page interface.

Matrix Switch Corporation fiber interface solutions use MSA, SMPTE SDI compliant SFP plug ins instead of ‘on board’ electrical to optical interfaces. This ‘plug in’ approach increases our flexibility to configure systems is an almost infinite number of ways as well as providing easy plug replacements in field servicing if needed. SFP plug-ins can be varied to select different link distances and transmit optical wavelengths. The non-CWDM systems use the common 1310nm wavelength by default. Each CWDM system is labeled and documented with the specific wavelength we configure for each channel.

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