Matrix Switch Corporation Provides Large Video Routing Switcher to Los Angeles D.O.T.

In early 2017 the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) contacted Matrix Switch Corporation (MSC) with a request for a large analog video switcher to provide routing of traffic cameras throughout the City of Los Angeles. The original requirement was 1024 inputs and 128 outputs, with the option to expand later to 2048 x256.

The resulting 100% modular multi-stage switcher occupies only 36 RU with plug-in redundant controllers and power supplies in their own 5RU frame. The total 41 RU reflects a matrix size reduction by over 60% compared to a classical single XY switcher.

As this system is the heart of the City of Los Angeles traffic control, reliability was crucial. Every active component, from Crosspoints to power supplies and control circuits are actively monitored and hot swappable from the front of the unit upon notification of failure.

This custom system was designed and built within less than a year from initial customer inquiry until deployment in March of 2018, without a single failure since final sign off, and has now become the basis for a complete line of multi-stage video routers available from Matrix Switch Corporation. Please contact Matrix Switch Corporation for more information on the technology incorporated in our VMS product line.
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